Innovative Beginnings

We started way back on January 1, 1920 as the Farm Specialty Manufacturing Company, founded by Bruno F. Arps of New Holstein, Wisconsin, and for nearly 100 years we have made creative solutions for equipment needs our primary focus.  We planted our roots in the custom equipment manufacturing market with unique backhoes and farm equipment.  The company started to produce snow track vehicles, the 'Snow Bird', in 1925, an over-the-wheel track system with front skis for Model 'A' cars.  This 'Snow Bird' became very popular in 1925 as a more efficient means of travel in the northern climates.  The 'Snow Bird', discontinued in 1939, was used by Adm. Richard E. Byrd on his Antarctic expedition. In 1949 the 'Half-Track' was introduced, which improved the traction of agriculture tractors before 4WD capabilities.

Continued Growth and Development

In 1952 we became the Arps Corporation, and in 1983 we became Amerequip when the assets and business of the Arps Division of Chromalloy American Corporation were purchased. At that time we had two manufacturing facilities and our Engineering Center located in the neighboring towns of New Holstein and Kiel, Wisconsin

We began as a design and build organization, marketing through distributors and dealers with some OEM activity. This history included providing medium duty backhoes for compact utility tractors as well as front-end loaders, front and rear blades, and post hole diggers.  Commencing with the acquisition in 1983, we shifted to becoming primarily an OEM provider.  Deere & Company (“Deere”) had been the principal customer.  In 1985, we added contract manufacturing to our design and build capabilities in order to produce products designed by Deere. In 1987, a production facility in Kiel, WI was purchased to further enhance capabilities, and to be efficiently manufacture new products, and continue to grow the business.

On October 29, 1998, 100 percent of the outstanding common stock of Amerequip was acquired by an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Trust.  All full-time salaried employees of the Company were participants in the ESOP once they have met the eligibility requirements.

A New Vision

On February 1st, 2011, The Amerequip Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) sold its stock position to the company’s Management group. The sale allowed our company to remain locally owned and managed, and to continue our strong support of the nearby communities. Amerequip presently has 270+ employees at four locations in the Kiel and New Holstein communities. We are a leading designer and manufacturer of accessories and attachments for the construction, utility and industrial equipment, lawn and turf-care equipment, and related products sold in global markets served by our OEM Partner Customers.