Amerequip's 100th Anniversary Featured in Insight Magazine

One century ago, in January 1920, Bruno F. Arps and Henry Kaiser founded Farm Specialty Manufacturing Company in New Holstein, known today as Amerequip. Since its establishment, Amerequip has continuously been at the forefront of the modern manufacturing industry by using advanced technologies and superior engineering. Early on, the company established itself by manufacturing creative and custom equipment for the agricultural industry. Among its early successes was the “Snow Flyer,” in 1925. Expanding on the Snow Flyer's success, the company received national attention with its “Snow Bird” snowmobile — a magnificent machine of its time that even accompanied Admiral Byrd on his second expedition to the South Pole in 1933-35.

Adapting to the Times
As with any good company, change was essential to adapt to the ever growing demands of the times, and the company strived to achieve balance by diversifying production including various agriculture and construction attachments and tractors. Through the next few decades, Amerequip continued to grow as a company, expanding its team of associates and its manufacturing capabilities.

Entering a New Era
The company hit a milestone year in 1983 when it became known by its current name, Amerequip, and it continued to design and build agriculture accessories for companies like John Deere and Ford. In 1987, Amerequip purchased a production facility in Kiel to manufacture new products with enhanced capabilities, implement efficient manufacturing processes and continue growth as a business. In 1998, 100 percent of the outstanding common stock of Amerequip was purchased by an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Trust. In 2011, the ESOP sold its stock to the company’s management team, allowing it to remain locally owned and managed. With continued success, Amerequip broke ground on a $7.7 million, 100,000-square-foot building expansion at its Kiel facility in 2014. The expansion now houses technology including a manual and robotic welding facility and an additional assembly area. Another $12.3 million expansion in 2016 added 88,000 square feet, which houses a new laser and press brakes. The company has continued to design and manufacture accessories and attachments for the construction, utility and industrial equipment, lawn and turf-care equipment, and related products sold in global markets. With dedication to fulfilling its mission, Amerequip is rooted in strong values that honor its customers’ reputations, exceeding design and manufacturing standards, and making a difference in the community and for its more than 320 associates. Celebrating 100 years is a tribute to great leadership, along with the support of its associates, clients, partners and the communities of Kiel and New Holstein.

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