Testing Capabilities

At Amerequip, we not only design the best products available, but also offer state of the art testing capabilities to our customers as well. Somewhat unique for a company our size, we have a Test Engineer on staff who will work with our customers to help design, plan, and execute the testing of products we design and develop for production in our manufacturing operation. You can be confident we are testing to the most rigorous requirements, assuring you are provided with the highest quality product to meet your standards, and those of your end users.

Strain Gauging

Our process starts with careful selection of the strain gauge locations, which can be identified from previous test experience or customer supplied FEA results.

Our strain gauge testing process allows us to make certain our designs can withstand everything your customers can 'throw at us'!

We have 40+ acres of varying terrain and temperature extremes (as low as -20° F to 100° F) to simulate nearly any condition.

Strain Gauge Testing
Data Acquisition System

Durability Testing

Amerequip remains committed to offering the most diverse selection of durability testing for your products that we design and manufacture. We use PLC’s capable of controlling numerous functions and providing safety shutoffs.

Some examples of the durability testing we can perform are:

  • Cycle Testing – Customer specifies normal load/conditions and expected number of cycles
  • Full Function Implement Testing – Our technicians will operate the implement as requested for the specified number of hours to validate the design Form/Fit/Function.
  • Endurance Testing – We can offer suggestions on overload conditions to simulate worst case scenarios, or to accelerate testing.

Certification Testing

At Amerequip, we develop to numerous industry standards in order to assure our products comply with all applicable regulations. Our team is ready to assist you with certifications such as:

  • ISO 4254
  • ANSI B71.4
  • SAE J31

Hydraulic Testing

Hydraulics are critical in the operation of many of the products we develop. Amerequip is equipped to perform numerous hydraulic tests.

Hydraulic Power Supply's –  2 power units with 4000 psi pumps capable of powering 4 hydraulic circuits per unit.

Hydraulic Sensors – Flow Meters, Pressure Transducers, Temperature Sensors.


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