Amerequip Hydraulic Cylinders

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

We've manufactured our own hydraulic cylinders for more than 60 years.

The Amerequip Team works closely with our customers to apply the knowledge we've gained from over 60 years of manufacturing our custom designed hydraulic cylinders. Our cylinders are used exclusively in the products we make to assure you that we can meet your most demanding requirements. Our process control, high quality standards and precision materials are used to produce more than 50,000 hydraulic cylinders annually with less than 0.3% warranty rate overall. This level of vertical integration affords us a verified cost advantage vs. outsourcing this critical component.  Our experienced engineering team brings in-depth hydraulic knowledge to your equipment needs.

Our Hydraulic Cylinder capabilities include:   

  • Over 97 different hydraulic cylinder designs currently tooled.
  • Although we currently manufacture diameters ranging from 2 1/8” to 4 ¼”, we can design and test to meet your requirements and needs; any size, and capability.
  • We machine and assemble our own components under our strict quality and manufacturing controls.
  • We verify our hydraulic cylinders on a dedicated 4000 psi test stand, and complete a final hydraulic systems test after final assembly for proper validation.