Supply Chain Management

What you need, when you need it.

"Supply chain management" aren't just buzzwords at our Company.  Over the years we have aggressively sought out new tools to create a highly integrated process to have what we need, when we need it, and at a cost that allows us to build market leading product at competitive prices. Today, we employ a "pull system" that supports both internal and external customers.  Our team utilizes cutting edge dashboard tools to minimize inventories on hand in all phases of the business.  Decisions are driven by data!

Supply chain management techniques that keep our company running:

  • We manage customer inventory fulfillment programs
  • Infor™ ERP automated information management system
  • We employ a rigorous supplier qualification process
  • We focus on leveraging supplier experience and buy power 
  • Supplier managed inventory systems
  • Paperless exchange of order documentation (EDI)
  • We utilize supplier portal systems to streamline partner communications
  • Many of our "partner customers" utilize EDI to maintain their product flow