Robotic & Manual Welding

We believe that welding is a critical skill set and understanding that we have made a significant investment in people, facilities and equipment.  The intent of these investments is to facilitate minimization of set up time and to drive down, or out, other variable cost from our process.  In 2014 we added a new state-of-the-art 75,000 sq ft Weld Shop and made significant equipment upgrades as well. Using new high speed robotic welders, we can efficiently construct reliable and repeatable welds, built on fixtures and tooling made by Amerequip Technicians.  We understand that effectively executed robotic and manual welding is what gives your manufactured products a solid, fail-safe build.  To assure consistency, we utilize Skilled and Experienced operators who have successfully completed rigorous weld training programs established by our weld engineer.

Our staff Weld Engineer designs welding procedures and practices in coordination with the requirements of our Engineering Department, and appropriate standards, ensuring our customers receive consistent, high quality welded products.

Adhering to Amerequip welding procedure specifications assures:

  • Consistent weld penetration
  • Uniform weld appearance
  • Repeatable Weld quality